We can help you in designing your own unique packaging.

Custom Boxes and Custom Printed Boxes are specialties of FHO Printers. We deal in a wide variety of Custom Boxes and Custom Printed Boxes. All products are highly customizable up to your specifications. If you need custom printed boxes for your brands shipping boxes or a special custom printed box for a promotional event. FHO has you covered when it comes to custom boxes and custom printed boxes. The boxes can get all the different printing types available at FHO including Flexo, Stamping, Screen and Off Set Printing. You can get all the customization from various types of printing and finishing we offer at FHO. Our Foil Printing is the most premium type of printing. This printing will give your product the extra required glow. You can customize the shape of the box as much you want. Create something really unique over here to impress the market.

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