Here are some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest and the fastest method of getting a quote is by placing a request for it or by accessing any of the product details or by placing the request through email or chat. To get the accurate quote, following are the details which are required:

  1. Specification of your
  2. Dimensions of the Box
  3. Material Type (Folding Carton, Corrugated or Rigid)
  4. Amount of Boxes
  5. Address
  6. Miscellaneous Details (if any) 

Do you guys have any price breaks?

For large quantities the price per unit will be lower but you can submit the query with one our Product Specialists for further details.

What is the procedure for getting my customized boxes?

  1. Specifications of the boxes and Consultation on Project
  2. The Quotes
  3. Making the Payment
  4. Pre-press
  5. Sample generation
  6. Shipping of the boxes

FAQs related to Structure

What kinds of boxes do you offer?

We have a wide variety of boxes such as folding paperboard carton, rigid boxes and completely customized boxes.

How do you measure the dimensions?

The measurements generally are done according to the inner structure of the packaging which guarantees that the inside product will perfectly fit in the box no matter what the thickness is. For outer dimensions you can contact our Product Specialist.

Why is a dieline important?

A dieline is essentially the reference template for the artwork that the box will contain and it is important in terms of the cutting and crease outlining while the box is manufactured hence the machine can be given the accurate folding and creasing details as required.

Can I place an order for many types of artworks for the same kind of box simultaneously?

Yes you can! In fact this is normal for many packaging products.

FAQs related to Printing Related

Can both sides of my boxes be printed?

Yes of course! We can print the outside of the box on one side and even the inside of the box on both sides but extra charges will be applied.

What is PMS and how does it affect the pricing?

The PMS or the Pantone Matching Color is a standardized color matching system that ensures accuracy according to a specific type of color and is coded through a numbering system called the Pantone. It has increasingly been used for fashion designs, prints, graphics and interior designing as well. PMS color however increases the cost printing.

Are there any additional processes?

Additional Processes are the added elements you can put in your boxes for brand specificity and this includes Window Patching, Embossing, Foil Stamping, Special Die-cut and the Spot UV.

What type of print coatings do you provide?

We have many kinds of print coatings ranging from Lamination to AQ & UV and you can get in touch with our product specialists for further details.

FAQs related to Production

Till where does your shipping go?

We have international shipping options with minimum trade restrictions and to figure out the eligibility of your country you can get in touch with any of our Product Specialists.

How do I get started with getting my boxes produced?

You can place the request for a quote and then do the following steps to place your order:

  1. Providing your specifications in one of the product page
  2. Sending us an email regarding your project
  3. Giving us a call and speak to one of our product specialist

How do you ship the finished boxes?

Many of the boxes are shipped flat but special structures such as the rigid box styles are shipped as it is.