Types of Materials FHO Printers Utilizes For Packaging.

FHO Printers provides the best and most suitable material when it comes to packaging. Go through our Types of Materials to get more information on which material you should use for your packaging.

1. Paperboard boxes

Suitable for: Highly Customizable, Lightweight, Paper Based Material. 

Used For: Cosmetics, Medicines, Milk and Juice, Cosmetics, Frozen food Packaging. 

Paperboard (Solid bleached sulfate) is perfect for the boxes that our supposed to be hand given. The surface is really smooth and highly customizable in colors and printing. The boxes come in all types of shapes and all the shapes are highly customizable as well. Perfect for storing eatables.  


2. Corrugated/Cardboard boxes

Suitable for: Strength, durable, lightweight, recyclable, and cost-effective. 

Used For: Shipping of a variety of items and widely in the food industry. 

This material is high in durability because it can handle the hard and rigid environment of postage. This box is perfect for sending your packages across the country and overseas as well. This material does not have size limitations you can pack a small glass bottle or industrial sized conveyor belt or a generator. It can protect your fragile products. Additional padding is provided alongside. 


3. Rigid boxes

Suitable for: Most expensive box material, 4 times thicker than the paperboard, Durable and Premium Appearance. 

Used For: iPhone, Samsung, Luxury Retails Products like Chopard, Rolex, Tiffany & Co and Marc Jacobs Packaging.

If appearance is the thing you are looking for then rigid boxes provide the premium most finish in packaging. This material can pack a ring or a perfume bottle or anything which you want to create a mark in the market. This material is perfect for expensive ornaments. Velvet padding, Cushions etc. also provided alongside. 


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