FHO Printers is committed to preserving and safeguarding the privacy and the personally indicating information of all their users who choose to visit the website looking for answers. It is imperative that the matter of privacy and protection of personal information is a sensitive matter hence FHO Printers designed a comprehensive and easily understandable privacy policy which will be stringently followed in every case where personal information is gathered.

The following given privacy policy is comprehensive and easily comprehendible and would be used to gather, utilize, analyze or share any of the personally identifying information of their users who visit FHO Printers.

Consequently, it is important for you to carefully go through the following privacy policy which will be used whenever you choose to visit FHO Printers :

  • In any circumstance that FHO Printers will choose to assemble any personally indicating data, every visitor will be shown and told in detail of every intent and reason for which the particular information is being assembled.
  • FHO Printers has managed to assemble a team whose only job is to assemble and make use of personally indicating information only and only to complete the intents and reasons that were given to the user when the information was being asked for or this information may be made use of for any other agenda if the user’s consent is available to FHO Printers or if the circumstances abide by the law. 
  • FHO Printers will only hold the information gathered for a time period that is serves the told intents and purposes.
  • Any information that Is personally indicating will only be asked for or gathered by FHO Printers under fair and legal means and only when there is a justifiable reason and that too after the visitor has given his/her consent.
  • In any event that the personal information will be asked for it will be highly relevant to the reasons and purposes it was gathered for and will only be made use of for the stated purposes for a time period that it serves the relevant purposes.
  • FHO Printers holds oath to the fact that every member would do everything in their duty to protect the personally indicating information of each of their users under strict measures from any kind of digitally possible stealing or accidental loss. FHO Printers will also make sure that the assembled information should not be accessed via any illegal means.
  • FHO Printers also utilizes many advertisements for a lot of companies that are third party with the intention of successfully running its softwares. During this procedure, these companies will make use of stuff like cookies and web beacons which will let them know the user’s ISP, address of IP, browser type that user has used to open FHO Printers site.

The FHO Printers team is trained in carrying out their business in accordance to the listed policies to make sure that the confidentiality of the personal information of all their users is properly protected.